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Front End Alignment Concord CA

There are so many services that you need to keep in mind when it comes to your vehicle. Specifically, your tires are one of the most vulnerable parts of your car and you should take special care of them. Routine tire maintenance includes several services, and one of them is an alignment. When your wheels become misaligned, it can cause your tires to wear down unevenly and it can result in structural damage.

If you have had a hard time driving straight, it could be due to poorly aligned wheels. Some unintentional drifting is always going to happen, but it can get to a point that is just unsafe. Your front tires can, over time, point inwards or outwards. Either problem will make it difficult to drive in a straight line, but a quick alignment service will fix the problem in no time. You should have your alignment checked out annually, and especially when you buy new tires so they don’t start off misaligned.

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We are here to be your one-stop-Kia-shop. Get everything you need for your Kia from us. Come by our service center to see what parts we have on hand or place an order and request a quote online. All of our parts are certified and guaranteed to be a perfect match for your model. You can take the parts home with you or a DIY adventure or let our technicians take care of the installation.

Kia Services Concord CA

Yes, our mechanics can do more than alignments. Come to us for your next oil change, tire rotation, battery check, electrical service, or repair on anything else that’s going wrong. Vehicles require upkeep and we’re here to help with just that. Schedule an appointment with us and we promise you will leave satisfied.

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