2022 Kia Rio 5-Door on a road

What are the Trims and Prices of the 2022 Kia Rio 5-Door?

Trim Levels of the 2022 Kia Rio 5-Door Hatchback

No matter how many new vehicle designs are introduced, hatchbacks are always going to stay in the picture and rule the hearts of drivers. The overall driver-base for hatchbacks stays strong and continuously grows. This is why top car brands keep introducing new hatchback models. One such brilliant model from Kia is the latest 2022 Kia Rio 5-Door. 

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Drive in the Night

Top 3 Tips for Driving After Dark on Highways and Busy Roads

Best 3 Tips to Enjoy Safe Driving Experience at Night

Driving is a super fun activity. For many, it is a form of meditation as it offers a sense of calm and control. Driving is equally fun when done in the daytime and after dark. However, the nighttime drive requires a bit more caution. Yes, the road looks empty and incredibly beautiful under the lights. Drivers need to stay vigilant as their vision reduces to an extent after sunset. It is a natural biological loophole with us humans.

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