What Are California’s Distracted Driving Laws?

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Distracted driving has become a leading cause of accidents over the past few years. It’s become so much of a problem, lawmakers have been passing legislation to stop drivers from using their smartphone or handheld device while driving. While you know you probably should avoid using these devices while driving, can you actually get a ticket for being seen on your phone in your car in California? Keep reading to find out!

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Is It Illegal To Text and Drive in California?

With the passage of Assembly Bill 175, drivers are no longer allowed to use their smartphone for any reason while driving. The law focuses on drivers physically holding their phone to send text messages, search social media, or any other activity that would take the driver’s eyes away from the road. If you’re driving a car in California and you’re holding a smartphone, you’re breaking the law.

What Happens If I’m Caught Using My Phone While Driving?

Drivers caught using a smartphone or device while driving are subject to a fine. The first offense will carry a $20 penalty, while the price of subsequent offenses will jump to $50. Distracted driving, however, is a “zero-point offense” in California.

What If I Need My Phone While Driving?

While handling or using a phone while driving is no longer allowed in California, you can still access your phone’s features. Under the new law, drivers can use their smartphone or electronic device if they utilize their device’s “hands-free” functions, and the phone is mounted to the dashboard or windshield. Hands-free functions are usually controlled by voice prompts. Drivers are, however, allowed touch or swipe their smartphone once to activate or deactivate a feature, assuming the phone is safely and properly-mounted.

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