What Is Kia Drive Mode Select and What Are the Drive Modes?

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Close Up of 2020 Kia Stinger Driver Information Display with Drive Mode Select Modes

How Does Kia Drive Mode Select Work? 

Kia cars and crossovers are at the forefront of automotive innovation with a wealth of innovative technology and features that will fine tune performance when you get behind the wheel. Kia Drive Mode Select is an automotive advancement that will upgrade your drive at every turn and many drivers want to know – how does Kia Drive Mode Select work? Find out with this quick, in-depth overview created by Concord Kia! 

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What Is Kia Drive Mode Select? 

Kia Drive Mode Select provides drivers with the ability to customize the performance of their 2020 Kia Sorento with driver-selectable performance modes. Choose a drive mode to match your own driving style or the conditions around you at the touch of a button or turn of a dial. To deliver this level of performance, Kia Drive Mode Select will adapt and modify transmission shift points, steering dynamics, suspension parameters and throttle response to fit the desired level of performance.

Which Kia Models Are Available with Kia Drive Mode Select? 

Does Kia Drive Mode Select sound like a feature you would love to have on your next family adventure? Find a Kia model that is available with Kia Drive Mode Select in the list below and schedule a test drive at Concord Kia. 

What Are the Kia Drive Mode Select Modes? 

The Kia Drive Mode Select system provides drivers with up to six modes to choose from – that may differ based on the Kia model you choose. Drive modes that you may find in the Kia Drive Mode Select arsenal include – NORMAL Mode, ECO Mode, SPORT Mode, COMFORT Mode, SMART Mode and CUSTOM Mode. Chosen drive modes will display on the digital information display. 

NORMAL Mode – The perfect combination of power, fuel economy, steering and throttle response, NORMAL Mode is intended for your daily drive.  

ECO Mode – Is efficient fuel economy at the top of your wish list? ECO Mode will limit throttle response and reconfigure transmission shift points to prioritize fuel economy over performance. 

SPORT Mode – A highlight of the 2020 Kia Stinger, SPORT Mode will allow the transmission to shift at higher RPMs and will sharpen steering and throttle response to provide you with unrivaled thrills. 

COMFORT Mode – A hallmark of Kia models with an adaptive suspension system, COMFORT Mode will soften the suspension to provide you with a flawless and luxurious ride at every turn. 

SMART Mode – Kia models with SMART Mode capabilities will customize performance to fit your driving style. SMART Mode will automatically adjust performance to focus on speed when your driving style dictates it or comfort when you are in a leisurely mood.  

CUSTOM Mode – Do you want to truly customize performance in your Kia? CUSTOM Mode will allow you to manually set suspension, throttle, steering and transmission parameters to meet your needs. 

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Are you new to the Kia brand? Are you looking for a way to amp up performance? You may want to know – how does Kia Drive Mode Select work? Learn more about Kia Drive Mode Select with this in-depth overview created by Concord Kia. Find a Kia car or crossover equipped with Kia Drive Mode Select today when you visit the Concord Kia inventory

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