How often should my Kia have a tire rotation?

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Tire care comes in many forms. You should do everything you can to make sure your tires last as long as possible. Your tires are more vulnerable than any other part of your car, so you should do everything you can to take care of them. The best way to help your tires in the long run is to reduce the amount of uneven wear they experience. Keep reading to learn more about how you can do that. 

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A tire rotation is one of the most basic tire care services you will ever have done to your car. When your tires get rotated, they are literally being placed on new parts of the wheel. This is one of the best ways you can ensure they wear down evenly. You should get your tires rotated at least once a year, but it’s probably best to have them rotated once every six months or every 5,000-7,000 miles. Unevenly worn tires are more susceptible to popping and will have to be replaced much sooner than they should be. 

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In addition to getting your tires rotated, you should also make sure they are properly balanced. And one more thing—you should have your alignment checked once a year. Improperly balanced tire and misaligned wheels can also result in uneven wear, which, again, is the leading cause of premature tire replacement. 

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