Driving your vehicle during quarantine measures can prevent mechanical issues

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Is not driving your car during quarantine bad for the car?

With the current coronavirus crisis, we in California (and many across the nation) are under orders to stay at home with the exception of essential travel. This is important in order to help slow or stop the spread of the virus, which causes the illness COVID-19. While many businesses are closed and non-essential travel is not allowed, some recreation is still allowed outdoors as long as you maintain proper social distancing by staying at least six feet away from people, as well as wearing protective masks as suggested by the Centers for Disease Control. This is good, because you will find you’ll need to take your vehicle out for a ride once in a while rather than keeping it cooped up in the garage. Is not driving your car during quarantine bad for the car? Yes, and we will explain why. 

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How many times a month should I drive my car to prevent a dead battery? 

If you leave your car sitting and collecting dust for too long, you could end up returning to it, turning the ignition, and having nothing happen. This is because leaving your car sitting for too long means your battery isn’t getting charged up by the use of the car, so it will eventually die out. Additionally, your tires, having been in the exact same position for a long period of time, could become flat. This is just not the ideal situation to find yourself in when you are able to go back into the office or head back to school. 

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So, how can you prevent this? Experts recommend driving your car every few days, or at least once a week, for at least 10 minutes. The key here is to drive it, not just leave it idling. Ideally, you should also get up to highway speeds for at least a little while to really get the mechanics moving and active. Now, all batteries are different, so how quickly the battery drains is dependent on the age and brand of the battery, as well as how much your specific vehicle drains it while parked (with an alarm system or other computer-controlled systems), so these are estimated guidelines. 

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So, when you can, and when it is safe to do so while following social distancing guidelines, it is recommended to take your car for a solid 10-minute drive at least once a week. It might be good for your own well-being too, just getting out of the house in a safe manner. Speaking of safety, we hope you are all staying safe and healthy out there. 

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