Odd driving laws in California 

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No matter where you go on this Earth, you are bound to find some strange laws made by governing bodies. Legislatures everywhere pass hundreds of laws and ordinances to keep a sense of order to society. Without laws, we would live in an anarchic, mayhem-ridden world. While most laws are for the betterment of society, some are just downright weird and don’t have any real rhyme or reason. Check out some of those that are in effect here in California. 

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Weird road laws in California 

Women aren’t allowed to drive while wearing a housecoat 

Better known as a nighty, housecoats are not permitted to wear while driving in the State of California, and we have no idea why. We’re not sure of the number of times this law has actually been enforced, but women can allegedly be subject to expensive fines. So, ladies, keep that in mind next time you get the urge to head to a late-night drive-thru. 

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No jumping from a moving vehicle… at 65 mph 

The City of Glendale features an ordinance that prohibits a person from leaving a car that is traveling at 65 mph or faster. This law begs two questions. Is it okay to leap from a vehicle going 64 blue lights flashing on cop carmph? And was there a prominent issue with people jumping out of cars at high speeds that served as the inspiration for that law? In any case, in you’re driving in Glendale, or anywhere at all, don’t jump out of a moving vehicle. 

You can’t hunt from a moving vehicle 

This seems like a sensible law, but again, it makes you wonder about what happened to make this law necessary. Hunters who shoot an animal from a moving vehicle are subject to heavy fines and a misdemeanor charge. 

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