What to pack in a winter supply kit 

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The winter months can be harsh for everyone, even for those in Northern California. Even if your hometown doesn’t get pummeled with winter weather, you may go on a road trip to see family where the snow has hit a little harder. In any event, check out our tips for what to pack in your vehicle in case of emergency in the wintertime. 

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Things to keep in your car during the winter 

When the temperatures dip, you want to make sure you’re prepared for anything. If your car were to break down on a desolate road in the middle of the night with sub-freezing temperatures, you’re going to want to have supplies. Sound dramatic? Good, it is. two women with blankets in back of vehicle

Blankets and warmth 

In the dire situation of being stranded for an extended period of time, you will want to keep warm. Always keep a few spare blankets in your trunk. Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep and hand and foot warmers packed too as they provide instant heat. 

Schedule a service appointment so you don’t break down 


Basic nonperishables like canned soup, crackers, and granola bars should also be packed up in your trunk. Keep bottled water around too. In the worst-case scenario, you can at least ensure that you and your family have the nutrients to get by.

Emergency supplies 

Essential emergency supplies include a first aid kit, radio, jumper cables, extra batteries, and a phone charger are also things you should keep in your car at all times. These items can find help and end your bad situation sooner than expected. These are pretty intuitive tips, but they are hugely important. Stay safe out on the roads!

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