How can I improve the fuel economy of my Kia?

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Purchasing a fuel-efficient Kia model is the right step towards ensuring you won’t be paying an arm and a leg each time you stop for gas. However, you might be surprised to know some common driving habits are causing you to use more fuel than necessary. We discuss 5 habits that you can adopt that could help contribute in lowering your fuel costs below.

5 Habits That Contribute to Lower Fuel Costs

Keep an Even Speed

Maintaining consistent speeds whenever possible will help your car to work less hard and use less fuel. Try using your cruise control when you’re on a long stretch of highway and come to a stop or accelerate using slow even pressure on your pedals rather than quick jarring slams.

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Someone unscrewing a gas capAvoid Long Idling

Unless you live in a state with bitterly cold winter temps, your car doesn’t need to warm up. Even in winter when idling may be necessary, it only needs a minute or two. The more you can avoid idling, the less gas you waste. Turn your car off whenever possible while waiting to leave or waiting for a passenger to run into the store.

Maintain Your Tires

Keeping your tires properly inflated can contribute to lower fuel costs. When your tires are underinflated, your car needs to work harder to move you forward, which results in more fuel usage. Be careful to only fill your tires to the recommended PSI because too much air in your tires can cause some performance issues and excess wear.

Remove Excess Weight

A lot of people carry so many items around in their car ‘just in case’. The problem is, when you add up all of these items, it’s a lot of excess weight for your car to carry. To improve your fuel economy, keep only the necessary items like a spare tire and roadside emergency kit.

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Follow Your Service Schedule

Keeping on top of your vehicle’s suggested service schedule can also have a positive effect on fuel usage. Dirty oil, low fluids, and worn parts can all cause your vehicle to not perform at its best which effects all systems including fuel economy. If you are unsure of when your vehicle is due for its next service, check your owner’s manual for specific guidelines or stop by your local Kia service center.

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